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Premier 1 Select Properties

80 West Center
80 West Center Beaver, Utah

Includes utilities, washer and dryer hookups.

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We know the rental market and our staff has 15 years of experience solving property woes. Every day we deal with numerous issues that if on your own would be overwhelming. It doesn't matter how difficult your challenges are we have a solution. Premier 1 can give you peace of mind by solving your problems quickly while they are still small ones.


One of the biggest decisions you are going to make as a landlord is whether you should have a property management company handle your income property. Premier 1 Property Management can be a tremendous asset that makes sense. Our experience and insight in the changing local rental market ensures maximum return on your property investment.

Many homeowners find their homes aren't selling as quickly as anticipated. Often the reason for selling is the owner needs to move to another city or state. At this point the best option is to rent and help pay the mortgage with the income. Premier 1 Property Management has a custom solution for your challenge.

Premier 1 Property Management can save you time and worries. Our staff will advertise for prospective tenants through signs, media and Internet. Tenants will be screened with background and credit checks ensuring your peace of mind.

Premier 1 Property Management handles the day to day management aspects of your investment property because of time or inability to manage from afar.

    • No resident manager needed
    • Compliance of current state and local regulations and laws
    • Negotiate and prepare rental agreements
    • Rent collection
    • Lawful evictions and terminations
    • Tenant complaints
    • Resolve disputes
    • Create emotional distance
    • Manage utility payments
    • Manage insurance coverage
    • Contractor, vendor and repairmen management
    • Maintenance and emergency repairs (24/7)
    • Property renovations and make ready repairs
    • Pre move in property inspections
    • Periodic inspections
    • Maintain property financial records
    • Comprehensive monthly and year end statements including a 1099

The Leading Property Management Company In Southern Utah

  • Marnie Heaton Premier 1 Property Management

    Marnie Heaton

    Twelve years of experience as a Property Manager and Real Estate Agent in Cedar City. Let me help you maximize your investment.
  • Al Shepherd

    Al Shepherd

    Former Corporation President with 21 employees. Previous apartment Property Manager. Current rental property owner.
  • Rochell Topham Premier 1 Property Management

    Rochell Topham

    Corporate Executive

Premier 1 Featured Properties

80 West Center
80 West Center Beaver, Utah

Includes utilities, washer and dryer hookups.


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